About Align5

Align5 is a fun, simple strategy game which pits the player against an iPhone / iPod Touch.  The objective is to get five adjacent pips in a row, column or on a diagonal.

Each move consists of choosing an available (gray) pip on the game board, then choosing an arrow to perform a translation on any quadrant of the game board.  The translation is not restricted to the same quadrant as the chosen pip.

A black dot will temporarily mark the device's most recent move.  The black dots appear again to highlight the winning sequence.

For an added challenge, try to achieve a tie game.


Align5 is a must-have game for your iPhone or iPod Touch! Buy it at the iPhone App Store!





Application Statistics:


Current Version: 1.0.0
Size: 288 K







Figure 1: Start of Game




Figure 2: Blue just completed turn




Figure 3: Blue just selected Translation arrow




Figure 4: Tie Game







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